Star-Hydrodyne Scrubber Parts – Aftermarket Replacement Parts for Scrubbers from Star Industries

Are you running Star or Star-Hydrodyne scrubber? HGM Liftparts has the quality Star Industries scrubber parts and aftermarket accessories you need. We’ve got a wide selection of non-OEM Star Industries parts that will cost you much less than "standard" OEM parts.

Star Industries' scrubbers, formerly Star-Hydrodyne, are in use throughout the world. Star Industries' scrubbers and floor cleaning equipment are the first choice for a range of industries like food and beverage, garbage collection, warehousing, recycling, manufacturing and others. This trusted maker brings its customers 40 years' experience and ISO manufacturing facility compliance and is headquartered in LaGrange, Ill. Star scrubbers are in use in all 50 states and countries around the world.

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Star scrubber parts include:

In our online catalog, you’ll find thousands of scrubber parts from all major scrubber manufacturers, including parts for Star-Hydrodyne scrubbers and floor cleaning equipment. Rest assured you’ll find exactly what you need.

Want help locating the exact part you need? Just fill out our Price Quote Request form and give us some details about the Star Industries scrubber parts you’re interested in. We’ll be in touch fast with an attractive price. Below, you can check out some of the Star Industries equipment models we supply parts for.

Star Scrubber Model Names and Numbers List:

Star Scrubber Parts

Parts available for models including:
  • S33
  • S330
  • SS460
  • S46
  • SS46
  • S47
  • SS47
  • SS4700
  • SS52
  • S52
  • SS520
  • Star 1080

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