FMC Street Sweeper Parts - Aftermarket Replacement Parts and Aftermarket Accessories for FMC Sweepers

Although the street sweeper division of FMC was sold to a company in the U.K., you can still get the FMC sweeper parts and aftermarket accessories you need from HGM Liftparts. You'll find a wide assortment of non-OEM aftermarket FMC parts at prices that are much lower than what you'd pay for OEM FMC parts, right here at HGM Liftparts.

Industrial and commercial cleaning equipment made by FMC is used by leading companies around the world. You'll find FMC sweepers in operation in many industries such as food and beverage, warehousing, recreation, recycling, manufacturing and garbage collecting.

If you’re using any FMC street sweeper, you have to check out the extensive HGM Liftparts digital catalog, where you’ll see a huge number of FMC sweeper parts and aftermarket accessories. It’s easy to find the aftermarket FMC parts you need with our Advanced Part Number Search tool. Try it now!


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FMC may no longer be making its high-quality sweepers, but they’re still on the job – and HGM has the FMC parts and accessories you need to keep them running.

FMC floor cleaning parts include:

With our wide selection of quality FMC parts as well as parts for other manufacturers' industrial floor sweepers, scrubbers and vacuums, finding the specific part you need is a simple task.

Need helping finding an aftermarket FMC part? All you have to do is fill in a Price Quote Request Form with a few details about your model of FMC sweeper and the type of part(s) you need. We will be back in touch with a price you’ll appreciate. Check out the list below, which shows some of the FMC street cleaning vehicles we stock parts for.

FMC Model Names and Numbers List:

FMC Sweeper Parts

Parts available for models including:
  • 3AH
  • 4AH
  • 12
  • 66
  • 67
  • 460
  • 520
  • 550
  • 660
  • 707
  • 866
  • 876
  • 880
  • 900AH
  • 940
  • 945
  • 964
  • 973
  • 984
  • 990
  • 993
  • 993AH

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